money upgrade


Alan Ellis

Have recently purchased new computer running on XP having
previously had my old one running on windows 98. All my
financial details were on money 98 and saved on
floppies. I mistakenly thought i could transfer all my
files on to microsoft 2004 but have been unable to do so
far. Have also failed to transfer to Money 2000.
Unfortunately i have lost my copy of money 98 or at least
have lost the ID for Works 4.5 which i think contained
money 98.
Can anyone tell me if it is possible to to transfer these
files or alternatively tell me where I can get copy of
money 98?



Bob Peel, MVP

The only file you need is the Money data file. Look for a file with the
suffix .mny. Typically Mymoney.mny.

Copy that file to My Documents on the new PC and with M2004 installed,
double click on the file name in My Computer or Windows Explorer.

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