Month End Accruals

Mar 23, 2014
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I am using JDEdwards accounting software and every month, I have to upload the accruals and JDE allows me to reverse those accruals automatically at the beginning of next month. My problem is how to re-accrue the reversed accruals for the next period? Below is the illustration;


Dr Expenses(I/S) 100
Cr Accrued Expenses(B/S) 100

April( Reversal)

Dr- Accrued Expenses(B/S) 100
Cr- Expenses 100

Invoices received in April

Dr- Expenses 80
Cr- Cash 80
Dr Accrued Exp(B/S) 20
Cr Expenses 20

How do I re-accrue the remaining 20 ?

Dr- Exp(I/S) 40
Cr- Accrue Exp(B/S) - 40

Or ??



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