More HMRC incompetence



I've recently taken on a company and the two directors as clients and
I've been trying to get authorised as an agent online. My attempts to
register the directors as my clients have so far failed despite me
entering the correct information. The client had to call the tax
office and they had the correct details. The online tax people said
that they had slightly different post code details. They said that the
tax office information "should" flow through to the online database
but this is obviously not the case.

I've now tried to get authorised as an agent for the company but the
same system is saying it has failed despite me trying this during a
meeting with one of the directors. One thing I notice from two HMRC
letters is that an HMRC Recovery Office sent a letter to the company
with the correct address yet a later letter was sent from an HMRC
Accounts Office with an earlier address. HMRC don't seem to use one
database and neither do they seem to logically update their various

If you try to get authorised as an agent for an employer you have to
enter the PAYE tax office reference. Most documentation sent to
employers doesn't include the three 0s in the middle but unless you
enter the three 0s your submission will fail. This is despite the
example format given directly under the input box being too short to
include the three 0s!

A client died about three years ago and I sent letters to all the
relevant HMRC offices and explained that the company had stopped
having any employees, stopped trading, etc. yet I still get a P35,
etc. every year. I return the P35 every year with a letter and also
phone HMRC but neither seems to have any effect.


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