Move a copy of TTax State


scott s.

I have two different copies of TTax Deluxe + State. I installed one and
activated a state. I need another state. Is there some way to install
the second copy (could be different computer) and get the second state
and then move that state copy over to my first install, so that
both state returns are available in a single TTax? I tried for an
answer on the TTax live community (seems to be the main supoprt option?)
and got no direct answer, but indirectly seems to suggest I can't do it.

It seems like one year I was able to do this, but another year I
couldn't. From watching how TTax does updates, I get the idea that
it actually downloads all states you check as applying, but only
unlocks the one you activate with the program. So you can't actually
download the state as a zip for example. Maybe if you buy a state
you can get a stand-alone download, but that makes my 2d TTax worthless.

any ideas?

scott s.


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