Move Installation to New Computer



So I installed Accounting Express last night on our basic/primary machine.
It's used for the simple things like Word/Excel, etc. (file storage is on
another machine). Now once I installed it, I noticed that our machine just
doesnt have the processing capacity to run Accounting Express smoothly. I
already activated and registered the software. Afterwards, I decided we need
a newer/faster machine and so I purchased one (should be delivered by the end
of the week).

The question is can I just use the same CD to install the software on the
new machine? I doubt it since the PID has already been activated/registered.
Is there a way I can cancel the previous installation so I can put it on our
new machine when it arrives. Is there a number I can call to do this for me?
Thanks in advance for any help.



Matt Landis


With all other Microsoft software you just call and say what your doing and
they get you going.
Did you try that?


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