move Peachtree/pervasive databases to another server




We have Peachtree 2007 installed on a very old server that will be
decomissioned soon. After installing the Peachtee server components on
the new server (Dell Poweredge 2800, Windows 2003 Server, SP2), i
copied the companies (we have 3 subsidiaries) data folder to it from
the old server. Started Peachtree client on a WinXP pc, attempted to
open one company, and received an error message that indicated that
other company data was in this folder, and to restore from backup.

Is there a correct or proper procedure to move company data/pervasive

Mike Rydzewski



Diane Koers

The best process is after moving the company folders to the server,
uninstall PT on the workstations and reinstall making sure the data path is
one level above the actual folders. For example, say your company folder is
ABCPROCO. If you show a data path of P:\Company, your ABCPROCO folder should
be inside the P:\Company folder. In older version of PT you could just
redirect the data path but in 2007 and 2008, it's best to uninstall and


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