moving COGS from one item to another



Is there any transaction available that I can use to retroactively
assign the COGS from the sale of one item to that of another? We have
always sold a "free" package of supplies along with a major piece of
equipment. The problem is that the COGS for that free package of items
totally screws up the profitability reports for supplies and consumable
items sold in all other commerce. In the future, I've fixed it by
creating an "assembly" of the promotional items and directing the COGS
for that assembly to where I want it. Then all items sold outside of
that assembly go to their normal COGS accounts.

So the problem is fixed for the future. I just want to fix it in the
past while still maintaining the profitability data for each item. The
best I can think of to do right now is to do a gross adjustment by COGS
account for each month, but that does not correct the data on a per
item basis. It seems as though the only type of transactions available
that effect the COGS item by item are sales transactions. If I use
them, then I start to screw up my data on average transaction volume,
etc. A Journal entry has no place to assign the transaction to an

Any suggested tricks?

QB Enterprise Mfg/Wholesale 5.0



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