Moving Country


Scott C


I bought my laptop in the US which had money installed.

Moving back home to the UK I find all the financial
institutions are American ... is there a way of loading
in the British Banks for Money to work with instead?

Or will I have to get a whole new version of Money?





Big Giblets

You're going to have fun because if you do decide to change you won't be
able to use your US Money file in UK Money.
It depends on what you want to use money for.
Most of the special features are US specific, but the basic banking is
exactly the same.
If you want to do on-line banking for UK banks you need to edit the relevant
..ini file as described in this news group on 25/02/04 with the text pasted
in below.
Hi Robert.
fipartnr.ini sits in the directory:
\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application
It's a text readable file that can be replaced at will
with institutions from any other version (US or Intl.)
I combined the contents of the UK & US versions
successfully to have the full list of institutions that I
Now, given that it sits in the Webcache directory, I'm
sure I'll find out sooner or later the impact of this file
being updated. I'm hoping that once an institution is
selected and assisgned to an account, this file is no
longer needed. We shall see.
I can send you a copy of mine if you wish. You can get me
at (e-mail address removed) (I'll try and find you through all
the spam!)

(e-mail address removed)

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