Moving Data Base



I have changed computers and want to transfer my information from the old
machine to the new machine. (both running Ms Office Professional 2007). I
can't, apparently, just transfer the company file(s) over. What is the
correct procedure for doing this?



CPA Hound

I would suggest that you use the back up utility to create a .sbb file and
then run a restore on the .sbb file from your other computer. You will have
the smoothest experience if you are the same user on both machines. In
product help type in "Database Restore dialog box: options and information"
as the search - you will also see links to the back up process itself - which
is basically Menu->File->Data utilities->Basic Tools tab->Back up button -
you probably will want to run a backup to a separate device on a scheduled
basis anyway and this is the same process to use that back up in the event of
a data problem scenario.

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