Moving SBA and BCM from old computer to new computer - problems


Tom Gordon

Recently I purchased a new laptop and wanted to transfer my SBA 2007, Outlook
2007 and BCM 2007 data bases from one computer to another.

I've got Outlook and BCM working fine together. But SBA 2007 doesn't want
to work correctly.

I have only one company but yet when I pull up the financial records (within
BCM) or created a new invoice (from within BCM) or create a time entry
(within BCM) all seems to work.

But when I look in SBA 2007 I cannot find the new invoice, time entry, or
update to the financial records. It is obviously drawing the information
and writing the information somewhere. It's like I have a ghost company.

Anyone have an idea what's going on?




It sounds like you may need to just reintegrate with BCM. Look for the
Integrate with BCM on the Company menu in Office Accounting.

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