Moving to Mac...



I've been toying with moving to Mac for several years. What has stopped me
until now is the difficulty of migrating data to the Mac - but slowly this
obstacle has been eroded - first it became easier and more practical to
transfer 10+ years of Outlook data, then Mac introduced the iPhone making
PDA synchronisation a reality (plus is it is a far better OS than clunky
WM). All that has stopped me for the past few years is the question of how
could I keep my MS Money data? But now that Microsoft have obliged me to
switch to Quicken, they have removed the last obstacle to moving to Mac.
Anybody else in the same boat?



Dick Watson

Others have come here saying that kind of stuff. How many have actually made
the jump is another question. I have a hard time understanding what jumping
to the Mac really solves besides trying to show Microsoft a thing or two
they won't notice. I certainly haven't heard any reason to think there is a
better solution to the post-Money dilemmas on that platform.

William R Wood

But why switch to Mac? Apple computers cost a lot more and have far less
software and hardware choices available. Maybe the Mac O/S is a little
better but so what? Its the application
software that counts and PCs win that race hands down. Better to simply
stick with Money on a PC, no reason to switch programs or platforms that I
can see except to spite MSFT. I don't like MSFT either but I ain't buying a
Mac or switching off Money because that would be shooting myself in the


Bill Wood




Go for it with your eyes closed and without fear. I was in the same boat as
you are about 10 months ago. I was so frustrated with Vista and a third
problematic Vaio in a row that I decided to change to a Mac. I have 7 years
of financial life in MS Money and this was the only thing pushing me back for
the transition. I've checked on some alternative financial softwares for Mac
but they were all crap, Quicken for Mac included. Since I couldn't stand
Vista and Vaio anymore, I bought a new macbook and it was the best electronic
decision of my life and I am still using MS Money. I am running Parallels 4.0
and I have MS Money installed in there. It is pretty cool and you can use it
simultaneously with both systems. I have 2 monitors and one of them I have
the Leopard and on the other one I have Windows XP with MS Money when I am
using it.
Also, I just bought a new license of Money and I am good to go with online
financial services up to 2011. I know MS Money will stop the online services
by then, but I just wanted to buy some time until I figure it out what to do
next to replace Money, if they really stop the online banking.
It got a little bit longer than I thought but I hope it helps you.

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