MrBlueSkye: "Meanwhile in the real world..."


Troy Steadman

MrBlueSkye said:
You just don't have a clue do you? What useless Saintly advice from a
clueless person! Obvously never run your own companies.
Meanwhile in the real world..............................
I find this comment mega-annoying. You are right MrBlueSkye I have
never run my own companies but I have worked for many years in the

I've seen people unable to pay their VAT bills. One would desperately
scour the Ledgers for an item he could leave out to make the VAT more
affordable (on some spurious grounds) then forget to add the amount
back in the following quarter. He banked on not getting caught and he
didn't get caught, his company is now Quoted helped no doubt by these
little scams which oiled the wheels to give him an edge over his
law-abiding competitors.

I've already recorded in this newsgroup a VAT client of ours who -
apart from three round-sum payments of a few thousand each - managed
to go *4 years* without paying any VAT whatsoever. We obtained
settlement with the VAT man for another £4k and he (basically) traded
VAT-free as a successful restaurant for that entire period.

The restaurant is bust, the Quoted company will be tripped up
somewhere along the line, and you (by which I mean he) would have to
be really *really* stupid to allow things to get as far as a winding
up order when all these other options are available.


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