MRD and Annuity



Annuities can be IRA (Traditional) or NOT IRA, Annuitized or NOT
How does MRD applies to all permutation of cases above?

IRA Annuitized? Does not the annuitization equate in some
way to an MRD?
IRA Not Annuitized? Is an annuity OK, but in that state is no
different that just and IRA?
NOT IRA NOT Annuitized? Is still a tax deferred asset, the Gov. wants its
tax sometime before I die?
NOT IRA Annuitized? Suppose NO MRD requirement, but what is
profit? Should be return of capital until it runs out or death, if anything
left is the Insurance Profit, if I outlive the premium (return of capital)
all the rest is my profit.?

It is complicated



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