MS Money 2002 Stopped Working For Lots of Us... What is Happening Here?



This incident needs immediate adressing by Microsoft......
I think someone or a group of people are trying to access
MS Money accounts to obtain account information.

My story: While using MS Money 2002, I had a box pop up
that said "Important download has been applied to your MS
Money. Please close all applications and reboot".......
There was some additional instructions about opening Money
as an administrator once the computer was rebooted to apply
the patch. Once I did this, Money no longer started. I
tried to re-install, but it was futile.

I see lots of people have had this problem. Microsoft needs
to let us know what is going on here!





I called today to Microsoft because I had called them yesterday, REINSTALLED
and it happened AGAIN. So, today, I spoke with Joanna regarding the issue,
told her of the newsgroup and that it was not JUST ME..She knew about the
situation and told me a PATCH was coming out TUESDAY. She is emailing me the
patch..This should be on the WINDOWS UPDATE because how else are all of us
going to receive it if we cannot even OPEN money?


Thanks for the update! I am sure lots of people are
wondering what the h*ll happened. I, for one, was scared
that some subversive stuff was happening here!



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