MS Money 2006 and PPC



Ok, well after having all sorts of problems with MS2005 not syncing today, I
decided to try out the 2006 trial. Now all of my accounts are syncing
perfectly. (Including some accounts that would never appear on MSN
Moneycentral despite 2 weeks of tech support! YEAH :) )

The only problem is it seems Money for PPC does not recognize 2006. I just
want to ask whether any one has gotten MS Money for PPC to work? And if so
how? and if not how long will it take to get MS Money for PPC?

Thanks so much,

BTW I realize now that all of my MS2005 headaches were due to passport
maintaince... I wish I had checked here sooner... oh well, at least my
earlier MS 2005 problems are resolved with MS 2006. Now, need that PPC and
I'll be set!



Glyn Simpson, MVP

It took a little while before Money for the PPC came out last year, so it
may do so again. You'll need to wait until it comes out (no known date as
yet) as the 2005 version is unlikely to work with the 2006 version.

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