MS Money Password Problem



Ok here is my problem.

I have backed up a .mny file from MS Money 2000 so I have an .mbf file. I
zipped the .mbf file and sent it to my email address so that I could restore
it on another PC running the same operating system (XP Home) and the same
version of MS Money (Version 2000 or 11.0).

When I come to restore it, on the other PC, MS Money asks for a password.
But I removed the password on the file before backing it up. Anyway no
matter what I try, i.e the original password or just leave it blank, it
still won't let me accesss my data.

I'm really stuck without my data as you can very well imagine

Has anyone ever come across something so strange. Same versions of Windows,
same version of MS Money. All I'm doing is a simple restore - why is it so
bloody difficult!!

Please please help!





Oh, some more info..
Additionally, when I try and restore this same file using the 1st PC (i.e
the original one), it works beautifully.

The problem only happens on the 2nd machine. I have tried both restoring
from .mbf and also opening the original .mny file

Both come up with a password prompt and both don't accept the password!

Its driving me insane!


Bob Peel MVP

That means that, although you think the version on PC2 is the same as PC1,
it isn't. PC2 has an earlier version and the password request is MS crazy
way of telling you this!


Bob, thanks.
Ok....Both versions are definitely MS Money 2000

The one on PC1 however may have had an internet update applied to it at some
time for a security patch. I am thinking specifically of this..;en-us;272232&sd=tech

The version on PC2 will not have had any internet updates applied
specificially for MS Money.

Do you think this could be the problem? The more I think about it, the more
it might be...
In which case, I have no way of getting MS Money updated on the 2nd PC
because it doesn't show me the Tools| Internet Update option!! All I can see
when I fire it up is the File menu with the usual Open | Restore from Backup

Can you help??

Bob Peel MVP

Go and have a look at, my fellow MVP, Glyn's web site. He has a selection of
patches there.

You also need to check the exact version nos by doing Help > About on each


Money 2000 is Version 8.0

My guess is that your versions are different.
On your home pages ( on PC1 and PC2 ), click on 'Help' and then click on
'About Microsoft Money'

You could delete Money from your PC2 and then reinstall Money using the
original (for PC1) retail CD.
That should work.



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