MS Money that work with UK Banks? No more ROW Versions in Europe?


Vasco Mil

Hi people,

I live in Portugal and i'm curious about what versions of MS Money work with
UK Banks. In Portugal only MS Money 2005 work with one or two banks. Does
any version of 2007 work in UK, is europe completely forgotten in Money
developing? Can someone tell me what significant differents there is between
2007 Deluxe and 2005 ROW to be used in a normal cash control cenario?



Bob Peel, MVP

The latest UK version is, as you say, M2005 and the only UK Bank that fully
interworks with Money is the Nationwide. Most of the others you can download
a file from their web-site and then read that into Money.

You can't read a non-USA file with a later version of Money. So even if you
could get a copy of M2007 you couldn't use it with your existing file.

I am sure that the Money developers would love to produce other non-US
versions but in the past there were not enough copies sold of the non-US
flavours to justify the development and marketing costs.

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