MSN Investment Toolbox


Chris Guimbellot


Money 2004. I was wondering exactly what the MSN Investment Toolbox is. The
site mentioned, before I downloaded it, that you could track your portfolio
with the toolbox. It also said that it included a screener and advanced
charting. I already handle my investment accounts in Money. When I
downloaded the software and went on to use the site, it looked an awful lot
like the Portfolio area of Money. I guess what I would like to know is is
the software some sort of 'Money lite'? What I mean is do you use it in
conjunction with your Money software and existing file, or is it a web-based
application that does not require Money. I would like to use the stock
screener from within Money. Is this possible? I guess I am having trouble
asking this question because I am not quite sure what the toolbox entails in
itself versus what is merely a functionality of the site. Also, I just spent
a lot of time getting my personal financial data off of MSN's servers and I
would rather not put it back on. Is there any way to prevent this? Finally,
I tried everywhere to find some sort of users guide for the toolbox to help
me understand exactly what is going on, but no luck. Is there one? I
appreciate the help. Thanks,



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