Multi User - I'm a little confused



As per MS Accounting comparison chart, you need to purchase pro to allow
multiple people access to accounting 2008 pro company file. I also understood
that if more than one person was to connect at the same time, each person
would have to have a unique serial number.

I thought I could install my version of Accounting 2008 Professional on say
my little XP Pro server, then install it on my computer, and my partners
computer with the same serial, BUT only one of us could access the company
file at a time?

Do I need to install pro on my XP Pro server, then install accounting
express on the rest and connect that way?

Or did I assume to much from Microsoft, and will now have to purchase more
serial numbers?



Jesper [MS]

I don't know the specific license details but the technical limitation is
simply that Express will not allow you to connect to a remote computer.
So you need Pro installed on the client in order to connect to your server.
The server doesn't really have to have anything installed except SQL server
and the database attached although you might want the program installed
anyway to get the Data Tools for backup etc.

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