Multiple accounts



I have just installed Money 2003. Does anyone know how
to set up multiple member accounts from one bank? My
bank puts multiple type of accounts, like checking and
credit, under one account number. We can also have
multiple account numbers. I cannot figure out how to set
this up. I have the account types from one number
updating automatically by connecting online. When I try
to setup the other account number to do this, there is no
where to enter another password. Any help would be



Bonnie Synhorst - MVP

If I understand your situation correctly, you have multiple accounts at the
same bank, but they've provided you with multiple passwords which means that
you need to setup as if they are not at the same bank. If this is correct,
try setting one of the account's details so that the financial instiution
name is different from the other. So if one is Wells Fargo, for instance,
make the second Wells Fargo 2. When you setup for online services, though,
still choose the correct bank from the list. This will allow you to put in
a password for each.

Hope this helps.




This was the solution in Money help. I tried it and now
(tho perhaps not cuz of adding the differentiator) I can't
get ANY banks to come up in the support financial
institutions list. MS has a knowledge base topic for this
prob, but that didn't work. i've been working on this
prob for three days now, so any help is welcome.

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