Multiple Ship To Addresses



Can Microsoft Small Business Accounting have multiple ship to addresess
loaded in the system? I can only see 3 available and we drop ship alot of our
orders so want to just pull the address from a drop down menu? If not this
software, does anyone have other suggestions of software that might help.





Lance [MSFT]

In the customer form, you can enter up to eight addresses. Click on the
arrow button to the left of the address box on the customer form to select
one of the possible addresses, then enter the address into the address box,
select the next address from the arrow button, and enter the next address,

On the sales forms, like sales order or invoice, you can click the arrow
button at the top of the address box to select any of the addresses that were
entered onto the customer form. This allows you to have up to 8 addresses
available from the drop down list.

The same thing applies to the vendor and vendor transaction forms. You can
enter have up to eight addresses on the vendor form and select any of them in
the purchasing forms.

Hope that helps.

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"up to 8 addresses available from the drop down list"
How can I increase the number beyond 8? Could this functionality be
accomplished using the SDK? If so could you please provide me a push in the
right direction?


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