Multiple Ship To Addresses



Is there anyone who had figured out how to have multiple ship-to address for
a given customer. I have a large customer who had multiple locations and I
need to indicate on the Quote - Sales Order or Invoice where we are
delivering the items. At this point I can only retype the different ship-to
addresses for each order unless the new order is going to the same location
as the last order. Am I missing something? theMurf




Hi Murf,

If you look in the drop down next to the addresses field on the Customer
form, you will see there are a number of addresses you can fill details in
for, things like home, legal, warehouse etc. You can choose any of these
addresses as the ship to address when invoicing. You can change the names in
the drop downs by hacking the database if you are feeling brave.

Nigel Ainscoe


Thanks for the tip. I might give it a try. However, it is just one more area
where this software is shy of reaching the goal. I guess for the $ it is
probably pretty good but I really need more capability and flexibility.
thanks again for the help. theMurf


Edit templates and save each one with the ship to address typed in. name it
something that will tell you where it is going. Select it when you want to
invoice and everything will print correctly.


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