Multiple Stores and HQ Client


Rob F.

We have 12 stores all together that need to synchronize with HQ Server, this
works fine if we alternate each of them to update once an hour, one store 5
minutes after the hour, next store 10 minutes after the hour and so on. I
know we can also synchronize each of them for every five minutes or whatever
interval throughout the hour. The first situation does not synchronize often
enough because we have to release credit holds and things of that nature; the
second solution bogs down all the servers and makes doing other store stock
checks and what not next to near impossible. Is there a way to run HQ Server
on multiple servers tied to the same database? I know you can run multiple
instances of HQ Server on one server with the key but how can you do it on
multiple physical systems? Does it work like Store Ops POS and you just need
the key on the first server?



Masta T

Yes, just point the HQ server at the database in config. That is the proper

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