My Brother Michael


Dick Adams

My brother Michael is a tax guy. He had a client who was a
ROYAL PITA. The client's only socially redeeming characteristic
was that he had a two to four page Schedule D and almost every
other schedule you could hope for. But when it came time to go
over the return, this schmuck thought it was his birthright to
argue over every line item. The ridiculousness of some of
arguments reached the level of a tax protester.

Every year Michael would tell me what he went through. Finally
I told Michael that he need the schmuck like he needed another
ex-wife. I don't just love my brother Michael. I like him as
person he became after he left the nest. But I told him the
next time he started to tell me about the schmuck I would hang
up on him. The next year he dumped him!

For a professional, the most important word in the English
language is INDEPENDENCE. If you can not tell a client where
to go and how to get there, you are not independent. Can you
be a professional if you are not independent?



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