My first form 8606 and line 6 definitions



I have no wages since 2002.
I have a ROTH opened in 2000.
I took qualified distributions from it in 2005.

I have another ROTH at Fidelity opened November 2004 with a
conversion of 100% of a 401K from a different employer. I
executed a conversion from my employer 401K of 1/3 the total

I have two ROTHS in two places.
All ROTH funding is via conversion. Never were there any
wages contributions.

My question:
Yes, I am reading the instructions, but I am unclear on a

In the spirit of From 8606, does the definition of "SEP, or
Simple IRA" include an employer 401K?

Specifically, does the conversion of part of my 401K to a
ROTH in a different company satisfy the definition discussed
in line 6?

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