My resume, let me know what you think?


Matt Tren

I am not posting this on here to get a job, however if anybody really
is interested, say so.

okay this is a resume I rubbed off in about 30 minutes, i know it's
not perfect, but i got an interview tomorrow with this outsources that
contacted me through monster, and requested for me to have a standard
resume, this is it.

Give me input, do you like it, or is it too non-traditional?

Would you hire me?

Anything I should change?

-my full name-
-my address-
-my email address-
-my cell number-

Objective: I am an accounting major, seeking a related job, for the
experience and to keep some money in my pocket.


· Neumann College
· Accounting Major
· 3.2 GPA
· Completed Principles of Accounting I+II
· Currently in Intermediate I
· Active in SIFE
· Transferred from Delaware County Community College, where I was
inducted into Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society.
· Graduated Chichester High School in 2001

Work Experience:

· I've had part time jobs in restaurants like Wendy's, and Grecian
Delights. This is not related to Accounting, however it attests to my
work ethic.
· Since February 2001, I have been on an on-call basis for
Nielsen-Kellerman. My duties include light office work: typing, data
entry, copying, and the like. I helped out with the most recent move,
resetting up. Also I pick up materials from suppliers for the floor
when they need to be rushed.

Computer Skills:

· Proficient in Microsoft Office

End Note:

· I realize my background isn't spectacular, but that is the very
reason I need a job in the field. Everybody wants experience, yet I
don't have any. In two years time, I want the letters CPA attached to
the end of my name.


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