Canada MYOB v11 or v12

Jun 2, 2017
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Hello Forum,
I have an issue my computer crashed, so i got it rebuild, so far so good as they say. I have my MYOB program on it, which did come back across when the new operating program loaded, but with the added up grades over the years left me with out the program disk set for MYOB.
So off to MYOB I go and get a MYOb v12 great, i load it in get working, i see light at the end of this mess, but hold the phone, i need the serial number to register the program so i may keep the program wroking and not have it lock up to a read only program. So back to MYOB they did not realize I was in Canada OPPs strike 1, so the sent me off to Intuit site the people who bought MYOB. Again i have hope, I get hold of them( which is not a easy as the site claims) and I get two serial numbers to work with, in put them, neither one worked as to the warning i was given by MYOB Aust.
So here I am, with time ticking away, and not able to keep my business running.
So my question to the forum here is this: does anyone know were i can get a Canadian version of MYOB, v plus11 or v12 with serial numbers?
or contact group or person, or website who has excess to to the software?
or if someone out there has the complete software for sale at i hope fair price we work something out?
Ok all that been said why am i using a dinosaur program like MYOB, well i do have all my accounts and contacts that i can move over to a updated MYOB , should I fine one that will take my data which is a good size file and save me hours of reentering,
So there is my problem, any help or ideas on how get this moving for be awesome, as i have had MYOB starting 2005, i know well, works well, suits my needs, and pretty easy to work with. thanks for all any help coming my way Gary Allison
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