NatWest Statement Download


Andrew Mawby

Hi there,

All has been going very well with my NatWest statement downloads (1 current,
1 loan and 2 credit card accounts) until a couple of weeks ago when Money
2002 became unable to marry up the credit cards accounts.

It's not a disaster because all I have to is match the downloaded data to
the credit card accounts in a dialogue box that presents itself
automtaically during each download.

It's annoying though, so any ideas how to fix would be welcomed.





Glyn Simpson, MVP

I believe this is intentional, as a lot of calls to the helpdesks were how
to unmarry the automatic attachments. It's been prompting me for ages :)

I have absolutely no idea how or when it chooses to prompt though, and why
it should do it now is a mystery. On my system, it chooses the correct
account each time and I only need to press the next button which isn't too

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