Need explicity on student dependent exemptions



No wonder the left has run amok in America. Academia has too much political
power. How do they get it? Why through the old SDS (Hayden/Fonda) of the 60's
and the 26th Amendment giving 18 year olds the right to vote.

Understand, I don't have a problem with whether or not 18 year olds should
vote. However, I have a real problem with "where" they vote!

My community of Santa Cruz, CA was taken over by student voters from
out-of-town in 1981. Every council majority since then has been student
And, their vote totals 88-92% contrary to the candidates and issues the rest of
the local community wants. I don't say that. The court does. The California
Supreme Court (Walters v. Weed)

Look at Florida. If students had voted at their homes-of-record instead of at
their college or its community, Bush 2000 would have won in a landslide.

Also in 2000 Republicans lost the majority in the U.S. Senate. Do you know by
how many votes nationwide? Well, it came down to 2200 votes in the state of
Washington. Senator Gorton (R) lost his seat by that many votes
statewide...and how many of those votes to you suspect came from students going
to school in Washington State; but who's home were out of state?

Look, right now, life-invested citizens in communities around the United States
suffer the consequences of student voters from someplace else voting in their
communities on local representation, local taxation, and local issues. Now,
the parents of these kids-those getting the dependent tax breaks- aren't
suffering the consequences of their kids' actions-WE ARE! These kids move away
in a 1-4 years and leave the rest of us stuck with the consequences of
screwball leftist politicians, political correctness run amok, and 30 year tax

The reality is....we pay for their idiotic utpopian ideology.

What needs to be done? Somebody, like Congress, or the IRS, or the President
(through Executive Order) needs to write explicit qualifications for student
dependent status.

If you vote at your home-of-record as a student, your parents get to keep their
dependent tax exemption. But if you re-register to vote where you go to
school, your parents lose the exemption. After all, you've voluntarily sworn
to and signed a government document that says you've "left the nest." You have
voluntarily abandoned your home. In essence you are claiming full adulthood.

Why will this work? Well, we all know about liberals. THEY WANT, WHAT OTHERS
PAY FOR! I think if it comes down to dependent exemption or no dependent
exemption, alot of parents are going to be telling their kids to vote at home.

Too demanding? Well GEE! Senior Citizens vote by absentee ballot all the
So what's the problem? It was that Darling Bill Clinton who felt our pain and
said we should be "fair." So be fair. You shouldn't be votin'a load if you
ain't gonna be totin' the load.


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