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May 27, 2020
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Plover Corporation acquired 80% of Sink Inc. equity on January 1, 2013, when the book values of Sink's assets and liabilities were equal to their fair values. The cost of the investment was equal to 80% of the book value of Sink's net assets.

Plover separate income (excluding Sink) was $1,800,000, $1,700,000 and $1,900,000 in 2013, 2014 and 2015 respectively. Plover sold inventory to Sink during 2013 at a gross profit of $48,000 and one quarter remained at Sink at the end of the year. The remaining 25 percent was sold in 2014. At the end of 2014, Plover has $25,000 of inventory received from Sink from a sale of $100,000 which cost Sink $80,000. There are no unrealized profits in the inventory of Plover or Sink at the end of 2015. Plover uses the equity method in its separate books. Select financial information for Sink follows:

2013 2014 2015

Sales $790,000 $840,000 $940,000

Cost of Sales (420,000) (440,000) (500,000)

Gross Profit 370,000 400,000 440,000

Operating Expenses (300,000) (320,000) (350,000)

Net Income $ 70,000 $ 80,000 $ 90,000


Prepare a schedule to determine the controlling interest share of the consolidated net income for 2013, 2014, and 2015.



Jun 28, 2007
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