Need help Qb Pro 2001



Hi ,, I'm setting up my invoices to have my company name , But I am having
a problem setting or making my phone numbers appear on the invoices under my
name and slogan. Can you please help me ,,

Thank you
Omar K.




Later versions allow you to add the Telephone and/or Fax to forms. In your version you have 3 choices:

- Include your telephone in your address.
- Use the Ship Via and/or FOB Fields if you're not already using them. These 2 fields allow you to set a default value (Edit, Preferences, Sales), and you can also use the Titles for these fields. The Titles can be dragged and formatted separately from the fields themselves - and are longer!
- You can also use the Titles of other fields, but not the fields themselves because those are either linked to Customer data or are variable with each Invoice. These Titles are used only in the Invoice form that you customize so it doesn't matter what data is actually in the fields.

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