USA Need someone spend time to walk me thru my company financial reports and JEs.

Sep 19, 2019
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United States
Hi all,
My boss gives me a Trial Balance, a Income statement, a Balance sheet and a payment list (cash out) and requests me to prepare Journal entries for the company. This is a subsidiary company that has office in China and every month a CPA company in China sends her these financial reports. She needs to create JEs to input into SAGE100 (accounting software that we are using in the U.S). I have a hard time to do this even she sent me her works that she did in previous months. I really need someone who has experience on Financial reports to help me out by walk thru all the transactions. I was using her works and input the number in T account and eventually I got them balanced but don't understand several bookings. So, if anyone in this forum living in Orange County California (20-25 miles close to zip CA92692) that can sit down and walk my thru this work please contact me. I'd be happy to pay for the time you work with me.
Appreciate your help.


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