need to uninstall money 2002 from XP home


Patti Wagen

I just got a new hard disk because of a crash, and had the bundled software
installed. Somehow there was a trial version of money 2002, and I didn't
realize it. I tried to reinstall my money 2000 and it wouldn't work until I
uninstalled 2002. In trying to uninstall 2002, the computer got into some
strange state where it thinks it is installing 2002 and won't let me either
install 2000 or uninstall 2002. It is requesting the 2002 install cd, which
I don't have.

EEGAD -- I just did a very unintuitive thing. In the "add remove programs",
I did a modify program rather than uninstall and it uninstalled itself. Why
does Microsoft do strange things like that? It's a microsoft program on a
microsoft OS, after all. (No need to answer, but I was baffled!)


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