Need Validate Data Log explanation.


D Thomas

I'm using Quicken 2007 H&B and need help finding a solution to two
data problems.

Issue #1

I ran a monthly account balance report and all of the numbers were
grossly inaccurate. I manually download and import account statement
using the .QIF file import workaround posted in the forum and until
this week didn't notice any problems. Today during reconciliation I
found the account register had ~25 new duplicate year old entries and
the balance was way off.

I ran a data file validation and Quicken found 72 QDF file errors,
"Fixed damage for account: 'Data File Name'. Found backfill cash
transaction: 'Another Data File Name D/MM/YYYY' Balancing Cash
Adjustment. Found ex information for backfill cash transaction. Found
backfill pair with id: '3 digit number'" All 72 errors are from two
investment accounts.

When I first began using Quicken, there wasn't a Shares In
transaction, I used Buy transactions and then an offsetting Cash In
transactions. At first I thought Quicken 2007 didn't like the cash
adjustments (previous versions didn't care), I changed all initial
Buys to Shares In, which did not fix whatever the Validate didn't

Before this week, I didn't notice any data corruption and previous
Validates found nothing.

Issue #2

I manually entered all data into Quicken 2004 (Premier) eight months
ago and migrated into Quicken 2007 (H&B) earlier this year; after the
migration problems began. First Quicken started crashing when I closed
the Tax Planner (error code 6875) and developed problems when I saved
the data with long file names. I discovered that upgrading to Revision
5 fixed the Tax Planner problem, the program was using Rev 4, and have
stayed with short file names.

Two months later the data corruption began. I've Validated and Super
Validated the data and moved the data to a new file which fixed
nothing. I contacted Intuit tech support about the error code and they
were not helpful, they would not tell me what the code meant! I doubt
they would be any better with the data corruption problem.

I would appreciate any help you could provide with this data
corruption problem. The register data looks correct and I don't relish
the idea of re-entering all my data again. Thanks.


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