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Sorry if this is a repeat, but I got an error message with
my last post.

In short, my MSMONEY 2000 adds my assets and liabilities
instead of subtracting the liabilities to calculate my net

So if my assets total $10,000 and my liabilities are
$3,000.00, it calculates my net worth as $13,000 instead
of $7,000.00.

Is this a glich or am I a financial idiot? can this be fix?



Glyn Simpson, MVP

Usually it works :)

The first impression is that the liabilities are being recorded as assets
instead. On the liability account register, at the bottom of the register,
it might say 'you owe' at the base of the balance column. Is that negative
(implying an asset) or positive (implying a liability). You want the latter

Glyn Simpson, Microsoft MVP - Money
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