NetSuite - Comments, Suggestions, Pros and Cons, etc


Barry Boese

Please provide your comments, suggestions, pros and cons, etc
regarding NetSuite, so that it may assist others in this group, who
may be evaluating NetSuite now or in the future.

As an example, our company provides outsourced finance, accounting,
bookkeeping services to companies. We have experience on NetSuite
dating back to June 2000. We have found that it is a great fit for
many types of companies / organizations, however it's not a fit in all
cases. We are also aware of companies that have not properly setup
and implemented the accounting processes / reporting systems, and have
left NetSuite. We have been able to assist companies in this
predicament, so that they gain more value from NetSuite, and stay on
it, therefore saving their extensive investment (time, costs and
emotions) in the system.

Other input, testimonials, comments appreciated.

All the best,

Barry Boese, Certified Management Accountant


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