New Credit Card Scan Technologies


Tim G

Does anyone out there know about some of the new credit card scanning
technologies that speed checkout times (in lieu of card swipe functionality)?
I have a prospect interested in speeding up transaction times and this
information has been referenced in McDonalds commercials. Any ideas?




I think you are talking about a non-contact (RFID (Radio Frequency
IDentification) or a magnetic keyring) type device. It doesn't necessarily
reduce the time, mostly the customer just doesn't hand the card/device to
the clerk to swipe.

Problem is that you now have multiple devices attached to your keyring! ;-(


We have the ability to support MasterCard’s PayPass in our RMS Plug-in
SmartPayments. You need a couple of things to make it work:
1. PayPass card reader at each register.
2. Credit Cards with RFID tags on them.
3. Software that interface the PayPass card reader and passes an indicator
to the payment processor that it was a proximity read or the transaction will
downgrade and the merchant will pay a card not present rate which will make a
retailer very un-happy.

MasterCard and other associations are issuing new cards in specific markets
that contain the RFID tag but with all new payment technologies you have the
chicken & the egg problem.

Bill Pittman
TPI Software


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