New Internet banking software (free evaluation)



Do you want to know where your money goes to and comes from? Do you want to
do more with internet banking? Then SmartMedium FINANCE is a great program
for you! All large banks nowadays offer the option of banking over the
Internet. But your banking data is not on your computer and so you can't
make detailed graphs or study statistics to see how your money comes and

With SmartMedium FINANCE you can! You can simply download your bank
transactions from the Internet, import, treat and examine them. SmartMedium
FINANCE makes it possible to categorise your transactions and gives you the
ability to analyse your income and expenses.

Thanks to the large number of graphs and tables available you can see
exactly how your money moves and how to stay in budget. In a few mouse
clicks you can retrieve, filter and sort all your transactions.

SmartMedium FINANCE can be used with all banks.

Free download available at


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