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Jul 5, 2024
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United Kingdom
Just looking for some advice regarding my current situation. I have recently decided on a change of career direction having recently completed arts subjects at degree and masters level. Around 4/5 years ago I did complete a qualification in Accounting that covered a lot of the more advanced accounting topics including both financial and management accounting. I enjoyed these accounting studies and I was good at it hence why I decided to now start looking towards a career in accounting. However, due to having studied his so long ago I am not able to remember anything from the qualification hence I am starting from scratch.

I had planned to start self studying at AAT level 2 then level 3 to re-learn and regain ability in accounting work while looking for work. My original plan was to hopefully secure an AAT trainee position which would start me from scratch and train me up to level 4 whilst also gaining the experience, however, I've ended up managing to secure an Accounting Assistants job role. This would be my first Accounting job and I now have a lot of anxiety over whether I am going to be up to scratch to actually do this role considering I am only just relearning from scratch with very little time until the job start date.

I have quickly started to go over AAT level 2 books and I hope to also try and go over some of level 3, I am also thinking of maybe reviewing over some of my past accounting books to help gain the required knowledge. This position involves income recognition and reconciliations, also assisting in purchase ledger processing and determining things that need to be added to the assets register or requiring prepayments/accruals as well as preparation of month end journals. The role also will involve helping in the production of the management accounts.

What would your advice be in my current situation. I don't really want to turn this down as I am in a position were I need work, however, this is giving me a lot of anxiety. I feel like I am going to be way out of my depth starting this role. I only have around 2 weeks before the start of the position.

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