New Leadership eBook and Ezine for leaders



I am an entrepreneur providing continuing education services for
knowledge workers and leaders in this dynamic economy.

I believe that Trainers, Professionals, Directors & Consultants need
to be highly creative thinkers, who should possess solid personal
leadership skills, and that they must understand how to find and
exploit their innovative opportunities.

To those ends, I have written an eBook called, "Your Leadership Power

It's FREE and contains some valuable information for business and
non-profit team leaders, managers and knowledge workers at all levels.

I invite you to fill-in my brief survey [it'll take about 1-2 minutes
max to fill out] and get your own Free copy of this book, our ezine
and the other promised free gifts.

If you enjoy your reading experience, you are also welcome to contact
me to discuss how you can freely distribute or use this book as a free
bonus for your clients and prospects.

You can use this Free ebook to empower your daily activities, engage
prospective funders or partners, increase ways to better serve your
clients, energize your resources development efforts, and enhance your
ability to find and influence new sources of opportunities.

Thanks for your help and please let me know your comments.

Here's the URL:

Editor at Leadership-Toolkit


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