New PC - incompatible MOA Express versions 2007 - 2009



I originally installed, via CD, MOA Express 2007 on my original PC, PC1. At
some point I must have upgraded via the web, as the version I now have on PC1
is MOA Express 2009.
I now have a new PC, PC2 and have installed from the original CD, MOA
Express 2007. However, I cannot find a place online where I can update my PC2
to MOA Express 2009.
Please can you advise.
Thank you




Since MS no longer sells the product, you will probably need to search the
web for MOA 2009. I found it as a CNET download, I believe. Once installed,
when you open an old database it will upgrade the file. However, if you
already have your database on MOA 2009 on your other PC, the files should be

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