New problem with American Express


Don Awalt

I use Microsoft Money 2004 (not the new version) and have used it to get
downloaded transactions for my two Amex credit cards for quite awhile. I
noticed today it said I need to connect via Money and update Online account
information, which I did. Now, it says that my Amex Blue card is set up for
online services, but my Gold Card no longer has any online transaction
download capability.

I went to the site and verified both cards are there and my user and
password works ok.

Is anyone seeing the same thing, or that they do not have download
capability with their Amex account now? Note 1 works and 1 does not for me.






You have to change your money user and password to the same one used in web


Don Awalt

If you mean the password Money uses to get the Amex info, it is the same and
has been - the account works, it's just getting 1 card's info and not both.

Michael Gordon, MVP

Are both accounts available at the Amex web with the same logon? There's an
option to add an account at the web site; try adding the second account.
That should do it.


Its the username and password that has to be the same. You need to use the
username that you use on the web site.


Steve, I am having the same sort of issue with AMEX. I do log onto their
site with one username and password and I am able to see both of my card
accounts. One of them keeps dropping off from online updates. I have merged
duplicate accounts thrice now and to no avail it still doesn't come up. I
worked fine 2 days ago and this just happened out of the blue, no pun




One thing to try if it doesn't start working correctly is to go to AMEX on
the Internet and remove the card that isn't downloading. Later go back and
add it again. Then see if it downloads into Money.



The Brit

I have been using Money 200 and then upgraded to Money 2003 and since I have
installed XP sp2 and changed my User Name and Password I cannot update my
accounts with Amex have tried both ways from Money and download from Amex.
My Bank Account downloads fine.
Amex are no help and say it is SP2 that is causing the problem has anybody
found the solution Yet?

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