New tax-related blog



I have set up a blog at .

Blogs have been around for several years but recently I realized that I
could set up a blog to store reference material and re-write some of the tax
rules in language I could understand better than the way it was phrased in
the reference books I have.

At first I set it up as a private blog, but then decided to open it to
public viewing.

Using a computer you could prepare tax returns without knowing the mileage
allowances for medical, moving, charity or business along with amounts for
exemptions, standard deductions, or per diem allowances. But, your clients
ask about these and expect you to know. I have trouble even memorizing my
telephone number, so I always need a cheat sheet. Now I have all this in my
blog and can quickly bring it up.

Also, I've tried to make sense out of some of the rules by trying to phrase
the rules in terms of why they exist. In my blog on Health Savings plans I
wrote that they are designed to provide incentives for you to carry some
sort of insurance. If you only have a $20 deductible, like me, there is no
reason to set up a H S A, but if you have a $ 1000 deductible you may need
the H S A as a kind of self-insurance, yet if you have a $ 1 billion
deductible, you don't get a H S A since you are, in effect, uninsured and
would only have the H S A as a savings account with tax-free interest if it
were allowed.



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