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We are new for Microsoft Accounting.
Our company is using Macola right now.
Can we replace Macola with Microsoft Accounting?

We need:

1. GL, PO, AP, SO, AR and inventory control.
2. Multi-users for 20 people or more.
3. password for each user and user has limit right for each module.
4. Can we use Microsoft SQL 2005 not SQL express?




Lance [MSFT]

Microsoft accounting has GL, PO (but no built in approval process), AP, SO,
AR and inventory control (FIFO only).

You can use SQL 2005 instead of SQL express.

We do have ability to limit access per user, but we don't have a separate
password for each user. Whatever user account is logged into windows is

SQL express only allows around 5 users at a time. With SQL 2005 you might
be able to have more, but I suspect the program will be slow.

Try enabling multiuser on the sample company (the command is in the file
menu) and then have a bunch of folks log into the sample company and try to
do whatever it is they normally do in the other system. That should give a
good idea as to how fast or slow it would be.

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.




Hello Lance,


Can I setup
user01 use SO, AR only
user02 use PO, AP only

Thanks again!

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