How are you suppose to view newsgroup via Outlook Express if the NNTP
server no longer exists.




Matt Hurst

server is newsgroup is microsoft.public.pos

Bill Sanderson

In this case, the server and group have been reborn.

However, even if they go away, there is a solution:

I should probably mention that in addition to the solution above, there are
two Microsoft-written bridges, available via
on bridge or nntp bridge. And another 3rd party bridge whose author posts in
the nntp support group for the Microsoft bridges....

Helmut Meukel

DJ hat uns dieses gebracht :
How are you suppose to view newsgroup via Outlook Express if the NNTP
server no longer exists.

Microsoft may shut-down its newsgroups or even its nntp servers,
but that doesn't remove the newsgroups from the net.
Due to the peer-to-peer nature of the Usenet and the nntp protocols,
there are other servers which still have the newsgroups. As long as
the admins of the other newsservers don't remove the microsoft groups,
they will be there.
If you point Outlook Express to another newsserver you can get the
microsoft groups from there.
Some ISPs have newsservers for their customers, and there are free
independant newsservers.
e.g.,,, ...

Just get an account there.

BTW, any newsgroup users who had accessed the groups via the microsoft
servers and don't know about other Usenet servers are cut-off,
so traffic may drop significantly when M$ removes a group from its




Jürgen Wondzinski

Hi Helmut,

but the "" nntp-server is the OWNER-server (or root
server) for those groups. All other servers just duplicate from that one. If
MS shuts down their nntp-server, then there's nothing to duplicate from, and
therefor those MS-newsgroups will just get into a frozen state on all other
servers... And even though you could point your NNTP-client to those other
servers, you can't post new messages or answer to existing messages, because
the master server is not responding anymore.

Thus: Shutting down the MS newsgroupsever does kill those groups. They will
still exist as static archives of about 15 years of wisdom etc, but there's
no way to keep them active (besides of kidnapping the ""
subdomain to a community-driven server)


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