NIC problem 04/05 - may affect NI based benefits.



I have been informed of a national problem relating to National
Insurance Contributions for the Income Tax year ending 5 April 2005.
Basically, many accounts are showing this year as deficient, although
people in employment have paid contributions for this year through the
PAYE system. This problem is known to HM Revenue and Customs, but has
not been widely publicised. I only heard about it through the PCS.

A deficient year can affect your entitlement to a State Retirement
Pension and other NI based benefits if this tax year is used in the
calculation. To restore the account, you may be asked to pay the
'amount owing,' although you have already in effect paid this. It is,
therefore, a matter of considerable concern to anyone who was working
in the relevant tax year.

To do a check of your National Insurance Contributions record, go to
The Pension Service website and following the link for an online
Pensions check. You will be required to set up a password, as
obviously you will be accessing your own National Insurance
Contributions account. You will not be able to get a check done
during your first visit to the site. You will be sent a further
password and a pin number (in separate envelopes) as a further
security measure before you can actually get the check done. If you
find there is a problem with your record, you will be given further
instructions as to how this can be corrected.

The link to the appropriate part of the website is:


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