No Cheque Numbers, duplicated transactions


A Maddocks

I have just started to use MS Money and I am using it in conjunction with my
HSBC business online banking and my First Direct personal online banking.

I have been downloading statements from the accounts in either Money format
or Money/Quicken formats. When I import the downloads in to Money I have
found two anomalies

1. Cheque numbers are not listed in the payee description
2. If when I download I use dates that run in to the last download period
these transactions are duplicated in Money

I believe this should not be the case. Do I have an incorrect setting? I
have checked the help files and this newsgroup but I cant find an answer.

Any help appreciated.



Bob Peel, MVP

It is down to HSBC what they put where as regards cheque nos. You need to
take it up with them.

I also bank with HSBC and very quickly stopped downloaded as trying to
resolve payee name discrepancies was far more hassle than the very marginal
benefit of downloading.

I find that if you use the Bill Payment option of Money there is very little
that doesn't arrive in the current account register and that reconciling
against the paper statement takes about 2 mins per month.

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