No Tax Agency Listed


Teri K

When trying to pay sales tax, my tax agency is not listed. I can run the
liability report and it shows what I owe and it has the agency listed, it
just doesn't come up in the pay sales tax window.

Any suggestions?

Thanks -Teri





Lance [MSFT]

Instead of using the pay tax window, use the Write Check form to record that
you paid the tax to the government. On the check form, you can select the
tax agency in the Pay To field, and then add lines for the amount of tax for
each tax code you are paying against.

In the 2006 version, the pay tax window had a bug where it did not show the
tax until the day the tax is due. The bug got fixed in the 2007 version. If
you are paying the tax in advance of the due date, then this bug is probably
the reason you are not seeing the line for your tax agency in the pay tax

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