no tender types are defined ?



When trying to tender a sale, I keep getting "no tender types are defined". I
see the list of tender types defined in the store manager. Any place else
those tender types need to be defined in ?




You will need to perform a Z-Out from the POS in order for the Tender Types
to list on the POS tender screen.... But, because you do not have them listed
in POS, that would be difficult. To bypass this, follow these steps:

Close POS> Begin SO Manager> Select File> Configuration> Options tab> (I do
not have mine infront of me here, so please ignore that I might call a folder
by the incorrect name)> POS Options> Uncheck 'Must Enter Opening/Closing
Amounts'> Click OK> Close SO Manager> Open POS> Click Open/Close> Select Z
Report> Click Print> rec error message that no opening amts have been
entered> click OK>

Close POS> Relaunch Mgr> set check box back in place to force open/close
amts> Relaunch POS> Test.

Sorry this is so long. Let me know if you have any questions.

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