Non-resident aliens owning property in USA



My dad, a widower, owned a house in Arizona which at the time of his
death in October, 2005 was worth about U.S.$230,000. The house was in
a living trust that he purchased in the USA. My dad was a Canadian
citizen and Canadian resident who only spent 6 months in Arizona each
year. I am a U.S. resident-alien (green card) and I am the
successor-trustee of the trust (and am 1/3 of the beneficiaries of the

Are there estate taxes that he must pay? Someone (not a CPA) told me
that the $2,000,000 estate tax exemption does NOT apply to him but a
much lower one does: that the estate must pay U.S. estate tax for any
U.S. property over $60,000 at a rate that starts at 17%.

What sort of return must be made on his estate in the U.S.?

Can anyone enlighten me on this?

I thank you in advance to your attention to this.


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